Text a preklad: Gone Too Far

Gone Too Far

I watched you rising
I watched you sleep
I knew you would, just like me
Oh struggling to breathe
I heard you whimpering
In the back room
Gone too far
Too far too soon

I guess it’s your time here
That time for you
When it all comes crashing down on you
Yes, I’ve been praying
Oh, so what else am I supposed to do?
I heard you whispering
In the back room
You’ve gone too far, too far too soon

You made that mistake now
They were coming for you
You’ve gone too far
Too far too soon

Now you feel nothing
Life can be cruel
That night I saw you
You passed by my room
I hope you make peace with the man in the moon

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Autor: Dave Gahan, Richard Blaise Machin, Ian Glover
Spev: Dave Gahan

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