Text a preklad: Tonight


When you’re looking for salvation
Better take some time to get your story straight
Are you sure you’re ready for forgiveness
You might have left it kind of late

No it’s never too late
No it’s never too late

When you’re looking for salvation
In another person’s life
You better get yourself a witness
You might consider a wife
Tonight, tonight

So listen to what I’m saying
Don’t be listening to their fear
You gotta jump into the water sometimes
You gotta risk it all, my dear, my dear

‘Cause I can might be heading for some trouble
You keep listening to their lies
I know you have that nagging sickness sometimes
We can change it all tonight
Tonight, tonight

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Autor: Dave Gahan, Richard Blaise Machin, Ian Glover
Spev: Dave Gahan

Forced To Mode (Live) / Košice, Bratislava, Žilina / Depeche Mode After Party
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