Leipzig, 26/05/2023

Koncert Depeche Mode na Leipziger Festwiese je presne ten, ktorý nás delí od historicky ďalšieho vystúpenia našej milovanej kapely na Slovensku. Nech teda všetko dopadne na výbornú!


01. Intro (Speak To Me)
02. My Cosmos Is Mine
03. Wagging Tongue
04. Walking In My Shoes
05. It's No Good
06. Sister Of Night
07. In Your Room
08. Everything Counts
09. Precious
10. Speak To Me
11. A Question Of Lust
12. Soul With Me (Acoustic, Martin)
12. Ghosts Again
14. I Feel You
15. A Pain That I'm Used To
16. World In My Eyes
17. Wrong
18. Stripped
19. John The Revelator
20. Enjoy The Silence
21. Waiting For The Night (Bare Version)
22. Just Can't Get Enough
23. Never Let Me Down Again
24. Personal Jesus

Dave po Waiting For The Night publiku povedal:

“We just want to acknowledge that tonight is one year since we lost our friend Andrew Fletcher. And we know that he would love this and would love to have been here with you all tonight. So let's all just remember him in our hearts please. Thank you."

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