Predpremiéra albumu “MG” už 22.apríla 2015 - aktualizované III.

Už v stredu 22.apríla budú mať fanúšikovia po celom svete možnosť vypočuť si Martinov album "MG" online. Ba čo viac, ako bonus bude Martin online odpovedať na zvedavé otázky účastníkov diskusie. Konečne kampaň, ako sa na dnešnú dobu patrí!

Táto skvelá správa bola zverejnená prostredníctvom Martinovej facebookovej stránky. Detaily budú zverejnené onedlo.

Update: Stream albumu a online diskusia s Martinom na - 22.04.2015, 22:00 hod. nášho času.

Update2: Album bude streamovaný cez službu Ustream.

Update3: 2-minútové ukážky zo všetkých skladieb albumu "MG" na Juno Records

Chat s Martinom

Please welcome Martin Gore! Hi Martin, how are you today?

I am great. Thanks and I would like to welcome the world to this experience. Thank you all for taking the time to be here today.

Hi Martin, how did you come up with the sounds for this album, its so unique and different to anything else?

The majority of the sounds were created using my Eurorack modular system along with various other modular systems. Obviously, I used other equipment, polysnyths for example.

Martin, what was the most difficult challenge you faced when creating this album?

I think that the most difficult challenge in creating an instrumental album is knowing that the piece of music will have no vocal so you have to keep it interesting in different ways. In a song, the vocal is obviously the most important thing, the words and the melody line. With an instrumental, you are taking away the most important elements.

I am so glad that you are all getting to hear this today. It seems like ages ago that I finished this. The recording process was finished at the end of November and the mixing was finished by December. Hope you're enjoying it.

Was recording this in your home studio a liberating experience for you compared to more collaborative albums, including other solo albums, or was there more of a team involved than I suspect? It sounds great, by the way. The pure synth sonic environment here does soudn timeless.

Whenever I work on a project that is outside of Depeche Mode, I have always worked in my home studio wherever that is at the time. I love working from home. I don't work crazy hours and I can nip back to the house whenever i want.

Thank you for allowing questions! Martin, when composing these instrumentals with so many electronic units, machines, and synths, do you feel that it's more difficult to express any intended feelings or emotions as opposed to using vocals, lyrics or acoustic instruments in other tracks?

No. I think that electronic instruments are just as expressive as any other instruments. You just need to know how to use them.

Greetings from Texas! I see you were influenced by alot of Sci_Fi films. Any specific films that are your favorite or that influenced you?

Over the last 6 months, I have been watching a lot of old classic sci-fi films with my 12 year old son. I wouldn't say that they necessarily influenced the sound of the record, but I do love them. Blade Runner is my favorite and I also love the first 3 Terminator films.

Why not have included vocal passages "MG"?

I wanted this album to be a purely electronic album. I was adamant that it shouldn't have any guitar or real drums on it and I also felt that it shouldn't contain any lyrics or vocals. Somehow these elements did not fit the aesthetic.

Martin, what feelings you have touched the recording of this album? What exactly do you want to convey through your songs?

Each track fires your imagination in different ways and I'm sure it's different for each individual. I just like capturing emotion with the power of music. What the emotions are are vague in a sense.

Hello Martin, wich film compositors inspire you

I really admire Ennio Morricone, Michael Nyman, John Carpenter, David Lynch, and Vangelis.

Hi, Martin! What are your thoughts on syths in Apps like Garageband? Would you ever use them yourself?

I'm not very familiar with the synths in Garageband. I am quite familiar with a lot of virtual synths and synth apps on the iPad. I think that there are a lot of great sounding synths on the iPad. I would definitely use some of them. I may put them through my modular system first though!

what have you been listening to recently?

Andy Stott, Black Asteroid, Ema, and Warpaint

You seem to be on a creative rampage over the last couple of years. Have you always been this busy and just not putting out the material you made, or have you just hit a new creative jump and now its spilling out everywhere

I think that I enjoy going into the studio every day more these days than I used to. Without that outlet, I feel that I would be lost now.

Hi Martin!!! How do you choose the name of every song for this album "MG"????

The names all have a special meaning to me that I'm never going to tell you. Hahaha!

What´s your favourite synth?

If I were to tell you the reason i named a song it would take away all the mystery and make it mundane and take away your imaginations.

One of my favorite synths is the Elka Synthex. I also love the Oberheim 2 Voice. I love the Fenix modular stuff. I have so many I could keep going on.

Hi from Berlin and thanks for this opportunity. When you're writing new songs, do you have them already mapped out beforehand or is it more like, let's just begin and see what happens?

I never have anything mapped out. I like to let things happen organically and almost by accident. Songwriting has always been a mysterious process to me. The ideas come from the ether.

Hey Martin. Long time fan. Serious question: tacos or burritos?

I am definitely a fish taco man

How long does it take you to produce "MG"?

The majority of the recording was done between March and the end of November last year. but I did have a few tracks that were written during the Delta Machine writing process.

Did you plan to release singler or remixes from this album?

We definitely plan to release remixes and an extra couple of tracks that I recorded after finishing the album. They won't necessarily be singles.

this album is electronic only - no guitars. but, what do you prefer: keys (synthesizer) or strings (guitar)?

I love the power of synthesizers because the sound palette is almost limitless. However, I prefer playing guitar on stage because it is a freeing experience and I also get a greater sense of communion with the audience.

would you ever do a film score?

If the right film came along at the right time i.e. just after we finish a tour., I would definitely consider it. This has never happened before. The planets have never aligned quite like that.

Where does inspiration catch you usually? At work or elsewhere? Greetings from Germany! :-)

I go into the studio almost every day and that is where I get inspired. I do not find myself writing things down on napkins in restaurants.

Martin, It really sounds great! Which of the songs on this album was it that was written during/for Delta Machine?

Elk, Brink, Featherlight, and Hum.

Martin, do you think that this album could be described as "modern" or as "timeless", considering it was made by using old modular systems and other old gear?

The Eurorack system is actually new. It is however mainly analogue. Somehow I think that electronic records sound futuristic to me which makes them timeless.

And that’s a wrap for Martin. Thank you Martin for answering everyone’s questions!

Thank you everyone for being here and for your questions! As I said before, I hope that you all liked what you heard. It is a relief to be finally getting this heard. Peace out!

We'll open up the chat box now so you can all chat with each other. Enjoy the remainder of the album stream and thank you for joining Martin today.

Názory Devotees (20)


 1    20. apríl 2015 o 20:27

Dúfam, že niečo podobné neskôr implementujú aj Depeche Mode, pretože je čas na vytvorenie novej šablóny smile. Či najskôr oznámia megaturné?


 2    22. apríl 2015 o 16:42

Myslim, ze Martina asi nazivo neuvidime. Ten prehravac bude sluzit iba na pustenie albumu, pocas ktoreho bude prebiehat pisany chat s Martinom.

Asi je odvazne sa domnievat, ze bude Martin sediet pred kamerou a asistent mu bude citat vybrane otazky z chatu. Budem iba rad, ak sa v tomto druhom pripade budem mylit. Uvidime wink


 3    22. apríl 2015 o 17:17

myslim, ze obraz ani nik nespominal… pocas streamu by mal byt udajne pritomny a odpovedat na niektore otazky cez chat… sam som zvedavy…


 4    22. apríl 2015 o 20:57

Myslim, ze vsetky skladby su urobene s grafikou, tak ako v ukazkach a takymto sposobom bude stream celeho albumu prezentovany…. a mozno je to tiez dalsia odvazna predstava


 5    22. apríl 2015 o 22:13

pinking ... fakt vyborne… toto ale nebude nic pre zarytych dm fans smile ani by som im ne neodporucal smile))


 6    22. apríl 2015 o 22:25

martin nie je ziadny technologicky priekopnik. a dobre to vie. preto sa mi zatial ta roznorodost zda ako velmi stastne riesenie.
u mně dobry..
teším sa na dalsie tracky


 7    22. apríl 2015 o 22:25

frčí tooooo smile


 8    22. apríl 2015 o 22:31



 9    22. apríl 2015 o 22:38

Stealth RULEZ


 10    22. apríl 2015 o 22:47

ma to stavu a moderator chatu vyborne selektuje otazky… bude preklad smile


 11    22. apríl 2015 o 22:48

Blade “Crowly” Runner


 12    22. apríl 2015 o 22:48

No paráda, čo vám poviem smile smile smile  Fakt mám radosť....jednak z hudby ale i zo samotnej podstaty, že Martin má svoj album. Že pracuje na hudbe, že ho to baví, že má radosť...len tak ďalej…Martin už netrpezlivo čakáme smile


 13    22. apríl 2015 o 22:58

maarnost… featherlight ... cisty kraftwerk smile


 14    22. apríl 2015 o 23:00

ja, ja, natúrlych


 15    22. apríl 2015 o 23:04

to je šecko…ja xem eče wink


 16    22. apríl 2015 o 23:05

WAU smile ja že napíšem, čo sa mi páči….a páči sa mi to celé. Paráda. Cítim sa ako v 1988, kedy som prvý krát počula albumy Black Celebration a Music for the Masses a vnímala všetky tie zvuky prekladané jeden cez druhý....a jediné na čo som sa zmohla bolo že WAU.


 17    22. apríl 2015 o 23:21

pinking, brink, stealth, spiral, featherlight urcite ano.. treba to pocut zas o samote a v klude cele k comu som nemal dobru prilezitost teraz. Prve dojmy skor kladne


 18    23. apríl 2015 o 00:16

Bol pridany prepis chatu s Martinom.


 19    23. apríl 2015 o 05:40

v clankoch uz aj preklad smile


 20    23. apríl 2015 o 13:05

Celé album skvělé, moje fav tracks v tuhle chvíli: Spiral a Brink.

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