Playing The Angel - The Musical

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Unifaun Theatre Productions are preparing to produce a new musical, penned by Artistic Director Adrian Buckle, based on Depeche Mode songs. The narrative will be a coming of age tale of two boys as they go through life discovering sexuality, addiction and friendship. More details soon on

The songs featuring in this musical are:

People are People
It's No Good
A Question of Time
In Your Room
Personal Jesus
Everything Counts
Dream On
Never Let Me Down Again
See You
A Pain that I'm Used To

If You Want
Master and Servant
Enjoy the Silence
Shake the Disease
Walking in my Shoes
John the Revelator
World in my Eyes
Blasphemous Rumours
Just Can't Get Enough

The project will be directed by Toni Attard, who will be supported by Daniel Cauchi for Musical Direction,Janet Vella for Choreography, Denise Mulholland for Vocal Coaching and Anthony Catania for Visual Arts. Niki Gravino is in charge of orchestrations.

This is a group for people interested in this project, either as performers or as patrons.



Auditions on Sunday 27th June 2010.

Since this is a new original musical, I am taking up suggestions that I give a brief description of the main characters. Just to give a little more insight on the story, it is a tale very much in the vein of SPRING AWAKENING and greatly inspired by authors such as Mark Ravenhill . . . I mean, come on, I hope no one is expecting a MAMMA MIA! here. Depeche Mode are not exactly ABBA.

Dave: 15 year old boy, forced to earn money in anyway he can to buy heroin for his mother.

Andy: 15 year old boy, Dave's best friend, dominated by his mother, trying to find a way to express himself.

Alan: 40+ year old businessman, married but having an extramarital affair.

Martin: 20+ year old brother of Andy. The family's golden boy.

Lily-Ann: 20+ year old girlfriend of Martin, secretly in love with Andy.

Gill: 40+ year old mother of Andy and Martin. A born-again Christian.

Elsie: 40+ year old mother of Dave. A heroin junkie.

John: 30+ year old pimp.

There are other minor roles and crowds, all of which are up for grabs.

For official auditions, watch this space! We are aiming for March 2011 dates at a venue still to be confirmed. Please note that due to the nature of the play all auditionees must be 18 by february 2011.

AKTUÁLNÍ INFO: v tuto chvíli se objevil problém s právy na použití skladeb, autoři se je snaží vyřešit.

Názory Devotees (4)


 1    21. jún 2010 o 09:03

hmmmmmmmmmmm ................. Playlist viac ako SPICOVYY !!!!!


 2    21. jún 2010 o 19:44

No dobre! smile Zápletky zaujímavé-šak život…zastúpenie skladieb bohaté,teším sa,ako budú zasadené do deja…už len dúfať,že sa im podarí vyriešiť autorské práva a vybrať čo najlepších herco-spevákov…veľa šťastia smile


 3    21. jún 2010 o 21:07

No, čo si o tom myslieť - uvidíme.


 4    23. jún 2010 o 13:16

Tak to je pěkný - Alan čtyřicátník, který si vypichuje bokem:)

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