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Nie, nečakajte razantnú zmenu. Ako sa dalo predpokladať, druhý koncert v Los Angele (22/11/2005) musí zákonite prísť s niečím novým a všetko naznačovalo tomu, že Martin zaradí do playlistu pieseň "Macro", keďže ju spieval na posledných zvukových skúškach. Predpoklad sa potvrdil. Playlist koncertu:

Intro A Pain That I'm Used To John The Revelator A Question Of Time Policy Of Truth Precious Walking In My Shoes Suffer Well Macro Home I Want It All The Sinner In Me I Feel You Behind The Wheel World In My Eyes Personal Jesus Enjoy The Silence 1st Encore Somebody Just Can't Get Enough Everything Counts 2nd Encore Never Let Me Down Again Goodnight Lovers [b]Aktualizované[/b]: Tretí koncert v Los Angeles (23/11/2005), ktorý však "technicky" prebehol v Anaheim, sa dočkal ďalšej zmeny. V playliste sa objavila skladba "A Question Of Lust". Setlist, 23/11/2005: Intro A Pain That I'm Used To John The Revelator A Question Of Time Policy Of Truth Precious Walking In My Shoes Suffer Well Damaged People Home I Want It All The Sinner In Me I Feel You Behind The Wheel World In My Eyes Personal Jesus Enjoy The Silence 1st Encore A Question Of Lust Just Can't Get Enough Everything Counts 2nd Encore Never Let Me Down Again Goodnight Lovers

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 1    23. november 2005 o 10:53

a martin oznamil, dalsie prekvapenie na nadchadzajucu noc


 2    23. november 2005 o 12:51

místo Macro budou hrát Damage People smile


 3    23. november 2005 o 13:30

sakra, nech už vyhodia Somebody a Goodnight Lover a dajú tam Lilian a Nothingś Impossible (ideálne outro’


 4    23. november 2005 o 13:44

to strangelover: tak tohle bych přesně udělal taky!


 5    23. november 2005 o 13:48

Tak tomu ver ze ne, lebo tam nema co hladat World in my eyes a I feel you, hrali to x raz a stale tak isto. Mne tam chyba Freelove a aspon ze tam je hoc i GL z Excitru.


 6    23. november 2005 o 14:47

no, to outro v podobe Nothings Impossible by bylo bomba. a Martina bych zase tak nediskriminoval, ale misto Somebody by mohli dat Things You Said (imho nejlepsi skladba zpivana Martinem).


 7    23. november 2005 o 14:48

World in my eyes je povinnost, paneboze…!!!! Na Exciter Tour mi vylozene chybela.  A Freelove? nestraste lidi.


 8    23. november 2005 o 15:03

The things you said? nejlepší Goreho song!
A plně vystihující jeho současnou situaci!!
Asi by u ní bulel:-))

“I get so carried away
You brought me down to earth
I thought we had something precious
Now I know what it’s worth”



 9    23. november 2005 o 15:18

I heard it from my friends
About the things you said
I heard it from my friends
About the things you said
I’ve never felt so disappointed
Never felt so disappointed
They know my weaknesses
I never tried to hide them
They know my weaknesses
Thought that you liked them

They know me better than that

Jak já se těším na koncert!!!


 10    23. november 2005 o 16:04

Martin to s tym SOMEBODY domrvil.CONDEMNATION v jeho podani ide. Najviac mi tam vsak chyba HALOOOOOOOOOO wink


 11    23. november 2005 o 16:28

nekecaj! martin a nieco domrvit? smile


 12    23. november 2005 o 16:29

Kazdy ma proste sve oblibene, to by musel byt playlist min. o 40-ti polozkach. Ale i ja postradam minimalne Lilian a ten konec ala stranglover bych si taky nechal libit. No uvidime…..


 13    23. november 2005 o 16:36

Mali by tam dat Dangerous alebo My Joy. A hotovo. A namiesto obohrateho Somebody Deaths door alebo nieco starsie napr. Lie to me.


 14    23. november 2005 o 21:15

Ja len ze by som chcel skladby ktore mi uz daco hovoria, ze si ich s niecim spajam a nie violatorovske pecky - to som vtedy 3 roky tak si toho vela nepamatam ako to frcalo.


 15    23. november 2005 o 22:08

ten set list je uz trochu nudny ...


 16    23. november 2005 o 22:17

Druha noc v LA ocami fanusika, s ktorym zdielam mnohe nazory o DM:

I was privileged to witness my 9th Depeche Mode concert this evening at the Staples Center. I’m left with mixed feelings about the whole thing and wondering if this was my last DM concert. Here is the setlist with some commentary for the devotees:

1. Intro (definitely not Introspectre - more of a throbbing synth bass that sounds like it could have been lifted from “Clean” or “I Want it All”)
2. A Pain That I’m Used To (Dave in black sport jacket, vest, and black pants; Martin in black mohawk wig, black tee shirt with faux angel wings, and black pants; Fletch looks like a mad scientist in black hospital scrubs)
3. John the Revelator (ends with Dave shouting “Good Evening Los Angeles”)
4. A Question of Time (1994 Exotic Tour version with Martin on guitar) - Dave is now down to just the vest and pants; the Pain globe counts down the “time” during the song; video screens display snippets of live footage plus the morphing footage of band faces from the 1998 tour during “AQOL”
5. Policy of Truth (essentially the 1993 Devotional version with Martin on keys) - it sounded great, and finally a song where Dave didn’t have to shout over the heavy guitar and drums (as on the other songs)
6. Precious: the album version with a longer introduction featuring Martin on guitar playing the toy piano melody throughout the song; a more rockier version that what I would have expected given all of the great dance mixes (e.g., Sasha’s Spooky Mix) out there
7. Walking in My Shoes: same version as the 2001 Exciter Tour; the lovely ambient whale melody is virtually gone or drowned out by the guitar and drums
8. Suffer Well: same version the PTA album; a good live track
9. Macrovision: Martin on vocals and guitar; Dave remains on stage to sing backing vocals. Martin’s vocals come in way late - due to the mixing desk not Martin.
10. Home: Martin on vocals and guitar; Dave is now off the stage; live mix is new - it starts with the “Air Around the Golf” mix and then switches back to the album version halfway through the song.
11. I Want it All: Dave is back on stage; Album mix; Martin takes off his mohawk ski hat at the end of the song.
12. The Sinner in Me: A song that frankly would make either Trent Reznor (NIN) or Al Jourgensen (Ministry); the heavy synth bass and Martin’s screeching guitar at the end make for a really good, pounding industrial stomp
13. I Feel You: This has to be Dave’s favorite. He’s got his moves so choreographed, you can dance with him every step of the way. Live mix is essentially the 1993 Devotional mix that hasn’t changed over the last several tours.
14. Behind the Wheel: Dave’s vest is now off. Live mix is the same as the 1998 Singles Tour.
15. World in My Eyes: Martin is back on keys (finally). Live mix is the same as the 1990 World Violation Tour (essentially, the album version - no extended intro)
16. Personal Jesus: A crowd favorite; live mix is the same as the 1993 Devotional Tour with little to no changes.
17. Enjoy the Silence: Another crowd favorite; live mix is the same as the 2001 Exciter Tour; Martin’s guitar solo at the end is utterly forgettable as it lacks any melody or harmony.
——First Encore——
18. Somebody: Peter on keys and Martin on vocals. Actually, this was a surprise, because I saw a copy of the actual set list and “A Question of Lust” was listed on the set list along with “Macrovision”. Perhaps a last minute change back to “Somebody”.
19. Just Can’t Get Enough: Awesome. Martin on keys. Same live version as the 1998 Singles Tour.
20. Everything Counts: The highlight of the evening for me. A superb blend of the 1993 Devotional Tour live mix and the 1988 Concert for the Masses live mix. The “Bomb the Bass” drum and bass line was essentially preserved from 1993 with the melodies of 1988 retained. It was great. The crowd sang the refrain perfectly at the end. Kudos to programmer, Kerry Hopwood, for giving us a live mix that Alan Wilder would have been proud of.
—- Second Encore—-
21. Never Let Me Down Again: Same as the 2001 Exciter Tour version. Another one that Dave could probably perform in his sleep. Great to see all 14,000+ of the Staples Center waving their hands in unison at the end.
22. Goodnight Lovers: Martin and Dave getting a little more intimate with the audience at the end. A nice ending to two hours of great music.

Other Notes/Thoughts: The Tour Book ($15) has a glaring typo in the credits section (last page) in that it gives credit to the “Devotional Tour Book” to Anton Corbijn. Devotional Tour Book? Wow, don’t I wish. You have to wonder how DM can’t program 30-35 songs before they head out on tour and vary the set list more. If they have to rely more on programming to do it, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. The best songs of the evening were where Martin was on keys instead of guitar. During those songs, I could finally here Dave’s voice and get a better feel for the various layers of synth sounds. When the guitar and drums were heavy and loud, Dave would have to crank it up a notch and often revert to that “nasal sound” in his singing voice.

DM is clearly a different live act in the post-Alan Wilder era. They come across as more of a conventional rock act with the 5-piece lineup they have settled into over the past three tours. Keeping the backing singers out of the lineup was a good call this time around. So many of the live songs are so heavy on guitar and drums that songs like “World in My Eyes” and “Everything Counts” almost seem out of place.

In summary, this was a lot better than the Exciter Tour, but nowhere near the majestic Devotional Tour or the dance-happy World Violation Tour.

Until we meet again. Farewell.


 17    24. november 2005 o 07:20

No, cele jsem to prelozil sice v pohode, ale pravy smysl vety “I’m left with mixed feelings about the whole thing and wondering if this was my last DM concert.” mi nejak unika. Jako ze odesel se smisenymi pocity a ze to byl asi posledni koncert DM na ktery sel? To mi nejak nesedi s chvalou kterou pak popisuje jednotlive pisne.


 18    24. november 2005 o 07:25

nechapem… zmisane pocity, nevie ci to nebol posledny koncert a nakoniec to hodnoti celkom pozitivne s tym ze to bolo lepsie ako exciter?


 19    24. november 2005 o 07:57

AQOL samozřejmě místo Somebody, no vida, tak to už si Mart asi nějak novou girl našel grin


 20    24. november 2005 o 10:58

v európe sa zmení aspoň atmosféra koncertov, no a čo s tým setlistom, no čo už, nie každý deň je nedeľa :evil:


 21    24. november 2005 o 11:01

Těch změn v Evropě bude mnohem víc…


 22    24. november 2005 o 11:09

kua tak martin ktory spieva desatinu skladieb co dave odspieva postupne cely svoj repertoar a dave-ovi nezmenia nic…


 23    24. november 2005 o 12:56

Dangerous: S tou novou girl mě to rozesmálo, máš pravdu, vypadá to tak smile

Jinak A Question Of Lust není špatná, s klavírem je výborná. Ale místo Somebody… to tam měli raději střelit Things you said. Na 101 je naprosto úžasná.


 24    24. november 2005 o 13:33

MACRO z LA 22.11.2005 si možete stiahnuť tu:
Príjemné počúvanie….........


 25    24. november 2005 o 15:28



 26    24. november 2005 o 15:38



 27    24. november 2005 o 16:54

marjon: Nejsou na tom odkazu ke stažení další songy?


 28    24. november 2005 o 19:10

Bedra: na tej linke nie je viac skladieb.pozri si forum,tam som dal linku na just cant get enought zo San to v super kvalite…...


 29    24. november 2005 o 19:29

Martin by mohol hlavne trochu viac postať za syntakmi


 30    24. november 2005 o 20:51



 31    25. november 2005 o 13:49

dM uz neexstuje, len:
Matin Lee Gore
Dave Gahan
Andy Fletcher

a ako skupinu by som ich nazval

MLG deMO Band


 32    25. november 2005 o 14:04

Hehe, len dufam, ze nakoniec sa tam ten Photographic zaradi.

A inac nemam rad, ked na koncerte hraju skoro cely novy album. Podla mna by uz dnes mali skor hravat to co chcu depesaci viac ako nieco nove. No ja 15 rocny by som radsej nieco, co mi uniklo z minulych tour alebo co sa vobec nehralo ani pred 18 rokmi.


 33    25. november 2005 o 14:18

to faith: keep the faith


 34    25. november 2005 o 20:23

Faith: vcelku mas pravdu, len som tu nechcel zbytocne mutit vodu     :D

aj tak to nikde nevedie


 35    26. november 2005 o 16:15

playlist je cool, stoji zato to vidiet, uvidi sa (v blave maybe) co prinesie europa.  smile


 36    26. november 2005 o 16:28

Ved blava je uz ista!!!!!


 37    27. november 2005 o 01:00

Palo: neviem iste, ale podla mna este Blava nieje oficialne potvrdena ! Alebo je?


 38    28. november 2005 o 11:07

imi1: ten prispevok us fanusika presne vystihuje realitu ! Lepsie ako exciter alebo singles, ale na mile vzdialene produkcii devotional a wv tour ..

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